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We’ve put together the ultimate shopping guide for every Blade Runner geek out there. Ridley Scott’s 1982 science fiction masterpiece is filled to the brim with items that any self-respecting Blade Runner fan would want to own.

The film’s depiction of 2019 Los Angeles shows a city that is run down and filled with kipple. Yet, there is plenty for the geek who loves luxury and style.

We’ve scoured Amazon, Etsy and the internet at large for items featured in and inspired by one of our favourite luxury geek movies, Blade Runner. You’ll find them below, along with a time code and stillshot from the movie itself. We hope you find something you, or the Blade Runner tragic in your life, will love.

If you find an item you want, click on the title or the product image to buy it! Simple!

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0:00 Blade Runner Blu-ray

The definitive version of the movie.

Buy now! Multiple formats available.

0:00 Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep

The Philip K Dick book that served as an inspiration for Blade Runner. The plot is very different, but the film got the themes and the “feel” spot on. What it means to be human. How can you tell the difference between an android and a human being without empathy. A must read.

Click to purchase your copy. Kindle, hard and soft cover versions available.

0:00 Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner

Not only the best book about the making of Blade Runner, but one of the best books about movie making in general.

Get your copy now. This is the perfect gift for lovers of Blade Runner as well as those who like know how the Hollywood sausage is made.

1:26 Blade Runner Soundtrack by Vangelis

Arguably the best movie soundtrack, Vangelis is a Greek electro/synth guru known for his ethereal music. He also did the soundtrack for Chariots of Fire and 1492.

Get your copy now! It really is fantastic.

2:47 Replicant “Retirement” T-shirt

Remember, it’s not execution. It’s retirement.

Be cool. Look cool. Show your love for Blade Runner. Purchase here.

3:14 “Spinner” 1/24 Model

A quality model of Blade Runner’s ubiquitous flying cars.

You can buy this “toy for all ages” right here.

4:05 Eye: Blade Runner Typographic Script Movie Poster Print

This limited edition screenplay print would be a great talking point in any Blade Runner lover’s home. This is a typographic portrait of Holden’s eye from the opening sequence, created from the complete screenplay.

Buy one here, have it on your wall by Christmas!

4:32 Cool Ceiling Fan

Fans are an integral part of the look of Blade Runner. Plus, they are great for cooling rooms! Here is a really cool ceiling fan.

Click here to get your own.

4:32 Similar fan

If completely replicating (pun intended) Blade Runner is your goal, here is a fan that looks quite similar to the one in the movie.

Click now and, this too, can be yours!

5:23 Modern Thermos

The future isn’t complete without a Thermos! Here is one of their more modern looking ones.

Dwaine Dibley Approved! Click here to purchase.

7:21 Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Snub-Nosed Blade Runner Blasters

Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame, is a huge Blade Runner fan and has a bunch of videos on his YouTube channel where he build props from the film.

7:43 Adam Savage’s Blade Runner Blimp Replica!

Here’s Adam Savage’s build of one of the most recognizable things in Blade Runner: the advertising blimp!

7:57 Neon light up umbrella

Another famous icon from Blade Runner is the neon light up umbrellas the poor, wet denizens of 2019 Los Angeles carry.

Practical, awesome and quintessentially Blade Runner. Get yours here.

8:41 Sake Bottles

Thinking of starting your own Blade Runner inspired food truck? You’ll need some sake bottles like these.

“2, 2, 4” There’s no surly food vendor to tell you how many you can’t have. Get as many as you like, here.

8:49 Ramen bowls

You will need some beautiful ramen bowls, too.

We have these exact bowls in the Essigy office, they are great. Buy yours here.

8:59 Disposable bamboo chopsticks

You will naturally need some disposable chopsticks. Those of us who grew up with Blade Runner still rub our chopsticks together like Deckard does, despite the fact that it is a huge faux pas!

10:07 Syd Mead

The “Visual Futurist” responsible for a lot of the look of Blade Runner is the incomparable Syd Mead. Trained as an Industrial Designer, his designs for the products and props of the future are iconic.

A wonderful gift for any Blade Runner lover, but also lovers of industrial design, art and architecture. Get your copy now.

11:14 Retro Table Fan

A classic example of function-only design. Great for school classrooms, industrial warehouses and Chief of Police offices.

Get one for yourself here.

11:16 Customized 3D Printed Lamp shade

Captain Bryant’s desk features a lamp with photos on it.

Click here to get something similar, where you can add your own photos!

11:17 Microphones!

We’re not really sure why Captain Bryant needs so many microphones. You can’t have too many, we suppose!

11:51 Shot glasses

No Captain Bryant cosplay is complete without some shot glasses. Make sure you fill two glasses, and let your guest drink both!

Buy them here.

12:43 Origami

Another immediately recognizable icon of Blade Runner is Gaff’s origami animals. He makes and leaves them in multiple scenes to comment on what’s going on. Origami is the ancient Japanese art consisting of intricate paper folding.

Origami is a great skill to learn. Start your journey and get your copy now.

13:06 Retro Desk Phone

Suffice to say in the actual year 2019 when this article is being published, it’s near impossible to find ye olde telephones like the one in this scene. We did find this “near enough” model, for any Blade Runner hipsters out there 🙂

Click here to buy.

14:21 Hairnet AKA Replicant Inception Headwear

Looking for the easiest Halloween or fancy dress party costume? Grab some of these hair nets and go as a newly incepted replicant!

Click this link to buy now.

16:32 Tyrell corp HQ diorama

The Tyrell corporation pyramids are the most recognizable model buildings in science fiction. Every luxury geek’s home needs one of these hand made dioramas.

Head on over to Etsy to get one made for yourself or as a great gift.

16:57 3D Owl Illusion Lamp

This may not be a replicant owl (unfortunately, we haven’t progressed replicant technology as quickly in the real world), but this lamp is a futuristic 3D Owl Illusion! Owls appear in the film whenever Eldon Tyrell is present. His giant glasses even make him look like an owl.

Click here to buy your own “replicantowl.

17:04 Rachel Cosplay

Sean Young’s Rachel sports one of the most iconic looks in science fiction cinema. Elegant and luxurious, her character is the emotional heart of the film and her character journey is the most Phillip K Dickian. Here is a post about how to get your Rachel cosplay on from the Another Toast blog.

17:33 Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is the ancient Japanese art of producing tiny trees. They are beautiful, elegant and luxurious.

You can purchase bonsai trees on Amazon!

19:26 Voight-Kampff Machine

This is an article about building a replica Voight-Kampff Machine, to weed out those pesky replicants in your life.

19:34 Ramen Bowl/Ashtray

Used as an ashtray in the film, these bowls are much better used for more traditional, food-based purposes. Rachel may look elegant when she smokes, but it will certainly shorten her (possibly) already short life span.

21:42 White Bow Tie

While Eldon Tyrell’s look is relatively simple: A tailored business suit, you’ll need a white bow tie to get the full effect.

Get your own bow tie here.

21:42 Hexagon Glasses Frame

You will also need a pair of these hexagon glasses for your Tyrell cosplay.

Shop now!

26:31 Eyeball movie prop

If only you could see what he’s seen with his eyes.

Ewwww! I love it! I want one!

27:35 William Blake Poems

“Burning with the fires of orc”

William Blake

This tome of William Blake Poems is available for purchase from Amazon.

27:43 Artificial Fish Tank

They may not be replicant fish, but this fishtank features no actual real, live fish.

Grab one for your favorite fish and replicant lover, from Amazon.

30:27 Deckard’s Ground Car

While Gaff, and many of the other residents of Blade Runner’s future LA, travel in flying cars, Deckard prefers driving around in an old-school ground car.

Another don’t-call-it-a-toy-it’s-a-collector’s-item, available here.

31:49 Personalized Door Numbers

Would you like to pretend you live in Deckard’s apartment? Easy. Just change your door number to 9732.

32:18 Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses

In our humble opinion, the best gift for the Blade Runner tragic on this list. These glasses are not only elegant and luxurious, they are modeled on the actual prop from the film. And no, we don’t make these ourselves.

They’re available from Amazon.

35:31 Moving Photos

The creative geniuses behind Blade Runner didn’t imagine iPads, but they did recognize our desire to see more than just static images of our memories. We don’t have moving photos (yet) but we do have the next best thing. Digital photo and video frames.

Buy now!

37:20 The Million Dollar Theater

This Los Angeles landmark makes a noticeable cameo in Blade Runner.

37:31 Pallet

Are you taking your Living In Blade Runner dreams to their ridiculous extremes? You’ll need some kipple like these shipping pallets!

We’re kidding, of course. But if you really do need a shipping pallet, here’s where you can get them.

39:59 Inside the Bradbury Building Artwork

This awesome painting is available from Etsy.

41:41 Rhino Figurine

Unless we fix our ways, and soon, rhino figurines may be all we have to remind ourselves of the real animal. In the Blade Runner universe, rhinos are extinct (as are most animals), let’s not let that happen to the real world too.

Buy your own rhino figurine here.

41:41 3D Rhino Lamp

Is it artificial? Of course it is. The closest you’ll get to a replicant rhino.

This awesome lamp can be purchased from Amazon.

41:45 Elegant Picture Frame

Deckard’s vehicle choice is not the only thing he’s old school about. He has some lovely picture frames.

Grab one today!

42:09 3D Unicorn Lamp

Do androids dream of electric unicorns? Are there replicant unicorns in the Blade Runner universe? Are there replicant blade runners that dream of unicorns? So many questions, the answers to which are irrelevant. The real question is: What is human?

Another awesome LED lamp! Pick one up!

44:09 Round Mirror

This is a beautiful round mirror with a reclaimed wood frame. Replicants: be wary of having your reflection photographed!

Click here to purchase one!

45:37 Temporary Snake Tattoos

46:48 Wireless Microscope

We’re not quite at the “electron microscope shop at your local mall” stage of human technical evolution, but here is a wireless microscope that beams its images to your smart phone!

Great for kids of all ages. Grab your microscope from Amazon.

48:08 Fake Snake

We don’t have replicant snakes yet, but here is a realistic replica one!

On sssssssale, buy one here!

48:20 Red Fez

Take your Blade Runner cosplay game to the next, esoteric, level and dress up as Abdul Ben Hassan the snake merchant (or Tommy Cooper) with this lovely fez.

They’re awesome! Why don’t you get one?

48:57 Hockey Mask

The ultimate halloween accessory. You’re either Mike Myers, a hockey goalie or a Blade Runner stripper!

50:14 Margarita Glass

Worms not included!

50:14 Fake Worms

Margarita Glass not included!

54:16 Hooded Hair Dryer

55:04 Zhora Cosplay Guide

CostumeWall has this handy guide to dressing like Zhora!

55:11 Rick Deckard’s Tie

Completely impractical when fighting replicants, but an absolute must for Deckard cosplaying!

Unlike his shirt, it’s really a nice tie. Own one today!

57:39 Deckard’s Blaster Replica

This made to order replica of Deckard’s gun is magnificent!

Available on Etsy.

57:39 Adam Savage’s Blade Runner Guns

Here’s Adam Savage from Mythbusters again with some more Blade Runner inspired builds: the guns of Blade Runner.

1:03:22 Shotglasses

Some more shot glasses to complete your recreation of Deckard’s apartment. Bleeding from replicant fight not included.

1:04:40 Deckard Shirt

This listing on Amazon claims to be a replica of Deckard’s shirt from the movie. Not sure about you, but it isn’t exactly the spitting image. Still, that’s probably for the best. Deckard’s shirt is pretty ugly!

1:12:54 Makeup Airbrush

A must have for all fans of Darryl Hannah’s dangerous “pleasure model replicant”, Pris.

Buy it here!

1:13:02 Cuckoo Clock

This cuckoo clock is almost identical to the one featured inside the apartment of the tragic J F Sebastian.

It is available for purchase on Amazon.

1:16:11 Clear Kettle

Why not boil eggs in this clear kettle? Just make sure you’re a superhuman replicant before removing them with your bare hands.

1:17:09 Blade Runner Chess Pieces

These chess pieces are replicas of J F Sebastian’s bird chess pieces and they look amazing!

Another must have for Blade Runner aficionados. Get them here.

1:21:32 Roman Army Chess Pieces

Tyrell, on the other hand, prefers a more martial style to his chess pieces. These roman army pieces are very similar. Check mate, I think.

1:25:04 LED Candles

The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. These LED candles burn as long as you keep them plugged in!

1:29:34 Mannequin

If you need kipple to clutter your futuristic, Blade Runner inspired apartment or house, you can’t go wrong with the odd mannequin lying around.

1:30:51 Bridal Veil

What better disguise to hide from the Blade Runner hunting you, than a wedding veil!

1:39:36 White Noise Machine

Blade Runner ASMR! The sound design of Blade Runner is magnificent and the ever present sound of rain and thunder is, for many people, a source of relaxation. This white noise machine features a rain and thunder setting to help you recreate 2019 LA and help you relax and sleep!

1:39:50 Bathtub

The ultimate item for the discerning lover of kipple: a bath tub.

Only Ridley Scott could turn such an elegant item into something so run down. Buy a luxurious version here.

1:44:30 White Dove

There’s not much to doing Roy Batty cosplay. You need some black boxers, an amazing body and a dove.


1:46:13 Roy Batty Bust

Show your love for the hero of Blade Runner, Roy Batty, with this bust. RIP, Rutger Hauer.

1:46:13 Tears In Rain Painting

Pay homage to the greatest line in cinema history with this amazing painting of Roy Batty in the rain, holding a dove. All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain!

1:52:05 Origami Unicorn Keychain

It’s too bad she won’t live, but, then again, who does?