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Essigy is proud to introduce a new blog series called “A Peek at Lux Geek”, in which we find the most exciting new products that are either geeky products with a touch of luxury to them, or luxury products with some geeky flair.

Amuse bouche

If your geek passion is gaming, you’l know all about Space Citizen. But did you know it features some amazing luxury spacecraft?

Geek Luxury

Casio G-Shock GAS-100BMC-1ACR Neo Tokyo Black Resin Watch

Watches are one of the staple luxury products and this watch by famous watch maker Casio adds that wonderful element of geekiness through taking the seminal cyberpunk manga/movie Akira as its inspiration.

Lux Geekery

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Fly Farther Travel Bundle

Capturing amazing footage with drones is one of the geekiest past times to emerge in the last decade. This kit features one of the best drones on the market: The DJI Mavic 2 Pro and bundles in all the best, most luxurious accessories for the discerning drone enthusiast.

Shameless plug

Essigy Computer Repair Toolkit

The ultimate tool kit for the computer geek who has it all! Essigy is proud to offer you our exclusive 26 piece precision screwdriver set. This sleek chromium-vanadium bit steel kit has been designed using the highest quality materials to ensure a lifetime of tinkering without stripping or wear. With its slim, streamlined style, the Essigy tool kit is perfect for jobs on the go and slides discreetly into your pocket or toolbag.


Are you a movie and TV geek? Check out this fantastic video where an architect passes his expert eye over some famous movie and TV luxury apartments.