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Well, hello there geeks and lovers of luxury. You’ve come to the right place. Fill your most elegant, technologically advanced glass with your beverage of choice and sit back in your massage chair and find out what Essigy is all about.

Are you a comics geek? Do you also like to look your best? Did you know you can buy a Marvel branded business suit? Check it out:

What about Iron Man Arc Reactor cuff links?

Wouldn’t the space opera geeks amongst you look great in a pair of Millenium Falcon earrings?

We here at Essigy love products like that. Geek items that are also luxurious. Luxury items that have been geeked up.

But we think there is far too few of them out there and we think there are plenty of geeks like us that want to show off our passions without sacrificing our taste and style. There are a lot of geek products that are tacky and gauche. Or they are simply pragmatic and functional.

We here at Essigy are constantly on the lookout for luxury geekware. What we find, we will post here on this blog. But we are also a product company. When we find a product we want to obsess about but think it either needs a bit of lux, geekiness or both added to it, we will look into making it ourselves.

For example, our first product which we are launching soon is “The Tinkerer’s Toolkit”. It’s a small tool kit featuring all the tool bits you might need to open and repair smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, jewellery, glasses and so on. There are many tool kits like this on the market but none of them come in an exciting box, or look beautiful enough that you wouldn’t immediately hide them in a drawer somewhere.

Our toolkit comes in a beautiful silver case, hidden inside packaging that resembles a book. That way we tech DIY geeks can keep our most precious possession, our tools, on our bookshelf where they can take pride of place amongst our other obsessions.

So keep an eye here for more luxury geekware finds and for the launch of our toolkit. Please comment below if you’ve found any luxury geekware items and we will feature them in a future post.